Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Reality Roundup

Gather round cowpokes, because it's time for Reality Roundup. Lots of shows are riding into the sunset this week. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will care?

Amazing Race - Ends TONIGHT
It's been a good run for Amazing Race 7. Controversy, rule changes, rehashed reality stars, truck crashes, and more than one close race to the mat have made this a fun season. Of the final three teams (Romber, Kelly & Ron and Uchenna & Joyce), there is no clear favorite to win -- all are strong teams. I throw my fan favorite vote to Uchenna and Joyce. Which means they'll probably lose.

Survivor - 2 Eps Left - Ends Sunday, May 15th
Oh-Way-Oh! It's been a GREAT survivor season, complete with players being caught off-guard, which isn't easy to do when you consider this is the 10th go-round of the show. The last five standing are Caryn, Jenn, Katie, Ian and Tom. Of course I throw my fan favorite to Tom, who possesses that rare combination of strength, brains AND nice-itude, which, as we all know, does you NO good on reality TV. And since my fan favorite is Tom, he'll lose.

Fantasy-wise, things are fine, but it sure would be a pleasant surprise if CBS could get the points right the first time around, and not have to constantly tweak between Friday and mid-week. I'm not quite as ahead as this appears, since I've already answered my bonus questions for the following week, and I believe these points have already been factored in.

America's Next Top Model - 2 Eps Left - Ends Wed., MAY 18th
Four are left as they strike a pose in South Africa. Will Keenyah last another week when all we hear about is how she has *gasp* GAINED weight during the competition? Will Brittany continue to act like a loud-mouthed drunk? Will Kahlen grow a personality? Will Naima learn that a 4:30 deadline doesn't mean 5:15? I'd love to see a final two of Kahlen and Naima, which means it will never happen.

The Apprentice - 2 Eps Left - Ends Thursday, May 19th
Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts. Tana vs. Kendra in an all-female fight to the finish. I have to say, I like both of them, but my fan favorite edges slightly towards Tana, which means she won't win. But in this case, a Kendra win would be OK in my book too.

American Idol - Too Many Episodes Remaining - Ends Never
Four wannabees left. Sing you four, sing! What will the theme be this week? Who will be pitchy? Will Paula be coherent? Who will care? My fan favorite? Bo Bice by a mile. PLUS, he has the best response on Google when you type his name -- Bo Bice:
Did you mean Bob Ice?

Big Brother 6 -- STARTS THURSDAY, JULY 7th
Get ready and get set for another summer of fun. Big Brother is gearing up for a July 7th opening (so much for the rumor of early June). The old house has been torn down to make way for a brand spanking new 2-story number. Executive Producers Arnold and Allison are excited about the new digs, saying the new house will have more of a "loft" look. Personally, I thought you could achieve the same thing in an 8 x 12 foot dorm room, but what do I know? Rumors are still flying about the number of houseguests, estimates have been between 16 and 20, which may or may not include some familiar faces. Less than two months and counting......


Anonymous said...

Sadly, poor Bob Ice will quickly find the suggestion "Did you mean Bo Bice?" from Tuna's boyfriend when he's sad and lonely...googling in search of his purpose in life.


Kat said...

July 7, eh? That's awfully close to my due date. Think I can call CBS to reschedule?