Sunday, May 22, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And you think

  1. Heimlich:: Maneuver

  2. Gesture:: Sign

  3. Party:: Birthday

  4. Cuddle:: Priscilla

  5. Room with a view:: Long British movie

  6. Sebastian:: Cabbot

  7. Ooooh:: Ahhhh

  8. Sigh:: Sad

  9. Two fish, three fish:: You fish, me fish

  10. Cake or death:: Eddie Izzard

Many of these are not surprising, however, after doing a bit of checking, I discovered A Room with a View clocks in at a brief 117 minutes, making it a short(ish) British movie by today's standards. Ahh, the stereotypes of the mind. Sebastian Cabbot brings on all sorts of nostalgia, as he was the REAL Mr. French from Family Affair, as opposed to the fake Mr. French that took his place later in the series. Two fish, three fish really surprised me, because it's not One fish, two fish. So, I did what I could, and made it rhyme anyway. I love channeling Dr. Seuss. As for cake or death, all I can say (aside from I love Eddie Izzard!!) is, "Cake Please" -- even though I'd much rather have pie. Blueberry, please.

Oh, and Priscilla (for those not in the know) is TinyTuna's ginormous stuffed bear that she got for Christmas a couple years back. It's a big name for a big bear. Priscilla rocks.

What's in your subconscious? Mutter along HERE.

Edited to add: I'm always careful never to read anybody else's mutterings until I've done mine, because if I do, I'll not be able to think of anything more original. However, after skimming through the first 15 or so, I'm a wee bit embarassed that she who eats, drinks and breathes music all day every day, couldn't manage to come up with BACH to go with SEBASTIAN -- like nearly everybody else did.


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