Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

I forgot to Mutter on Mutters Day.

I say...And You Think
  1. Android:: R2D2

  2. Revenge:: Cold

  3. Knight:: Round Table

  4. Stranded:: At the Drive In

  5. Weakness:: Foible

  6. Greed:: Money

  7. Walter:: Mitty

  8. Dense:: Stupid

  9. Sheep:: Cuddly

  10. Propane:: Gas

Well...I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that nearly everything I think of (#3-4) as a song-cue. I've never read The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (#7), though I can't remember if that was by choice or design. In my defense, I've never cuddled a sheep (#9), and yes, I actually thought the word foible -- and then had to look it up online to make sure I was thinking of the right word. Who knew it was the upper, weaker portion of a blade? (Fencers, I suppose, but I'm epee-less)

As for #2...All I am going to say is that one of you out there somewhere should be VERY AFRAID.

and BOLD

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1 comment:

nk said...

Sheep: WOOL!

If it's not wool--or even yarn-- that you think of when you think of sheep, you're doing it WRONG!