Sunday, May 15, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And you think

  1. Grandma:: Gram

  2. Pet:: Fabio

  3. Desolate:: Lonely

  4. Backspace:: Correct

  5. Common ground:: Music

  6. Storm:: Thunder

  7. Dark:: and stormy night

  8. Water bottle:: Thirsty

  9. Training:: Wheels

  10. Dot coms:: Bust

Poor feeble unconscious...there is nothing exciting here. Common Ground is the name of a local summer music festival. Fabio the First is still our pet, and "Dark and stormy night" reminded me of the comic strip Peanuts, which used to be funny, but then it went bust. Just like Dot coms. Or something.

Unconscious Mutterings can be found HERE.


TV Junkie said...

I love these:
Grandma - Cookies
Pet - Shiba
Desolate - Island
Backspace - Key
Common Ground - Coffee
Storm - Thunder
Dark - Blend
Water Bottle - Recycle
Training - Class
Dot Coms - Shopping

I'll just let you guys wonder about those. Heh.

Gary said...

Since I'm bored at work this afternoon, here's mine:

Grandma - peppermint
Pet - love
Desolate - beautiful
Backspace - error
Common Ground - consensus
Storm - power
Dark - Comforting
Water Bottle - hydration
Training - unavailable
Dot Coms - waste

Don't know what that says about me, other than I don't have enought to do! :)

Anonymous said...

Grandma:: Reindeer
Pet:: Rock
Desolate:: Sandy
Backspace:: oops
Common ground:: Festival
Storm:: Cloud
Dark:: Side
Water bottle:: preppy
Training:: Bra
Dot coms:: Tomfoolery