Wednesday, May 09, 2007

As I Was Saying

So anyway.

Well, sorry I've been AWOL. Between a little thing called finals week and a few thousand things on the old calendar, things have been busy. No excuse, I know. But my office, I'm happy to report, is much cleaner than it's been in a long, long time. There's visible floor and work surfaces that include ... SURFACE! That alone makes me a happier, calmer Tuna.

Today I wasted a great deal of time on the weather, which is currently of the suck. Unless you're a duck. In which case, it's not only awesome, it also rhymes. Ducks appreciate rhyming weather. Tunas? Not so much. My weather time-wastingness had to do with inserting some weather icons over there to the left. See them? Well, I had several more, and I wanted to make them display one at a time like a slide show. Pictures, I can do. But I'm nowhere near patient savvy enough to figure out the Java Flash Code or the AJAX whooozits necessary to make wads of code display one at a time, so after whispering sweet nothings to my boyfriend for several hours and getting nowhere, I gave up. Have no fear, though. This is going to bug me enough that I'll figure it out eventually. I'm annoying tenacious that way.

And for those of you wondering why I'm tracking the what where, it's home, vacation, roller coasters and family. Plus, the coldest place on earth and the hottest place on earth. Just in case you think you have it bad.

I spent some time last weekend giving Fabio the once over. Now, never you fear, the once over doesn't include a boiling pot of water and isn't code for hassenpfeffer. It's just that Fabio had become quite the hairy little dude and it was time for a spring trim. So after an hour or so, what was once something like this:

Became something closer to this:

(Fear not. It will grow back)

In less hairy news, GramTuna celebrated her None-of-Your-Business How-Old-She-Is Birthday this weekend, and a grand time was had by all. Saturday wound up being a visiting kind of day, and we ended up seeing friends and family all day long. Even though it was a typical insanely busy Tuna Saturday, it wound up being a lot of fun. I told her all we needed was a horse, a buggy, and a whole mess of calico. Sunday was the formal family celebration, if by formal you mean Scout and NephewTuna bonding over basketball, baseball, Nintendo, hot dogs, ice cream, and that great male trifecta: scratching, belching and farting. I'm not sure I've ever seen NephewTuna laugh so hard for so long. Scout sure knows how to work a crowd.

Other things I feel the need to tell you that may or may not interest you in the slightest:

Amazing Race
Yeah, well, bummer. By the time we hit final three, I was voting for the cab driver to win. I think there should be a rule that all dating couples who wind up winning this thing remain a couple for the next year. If you're in it and win it on the couple pretext, dammit, you need to stay that way. But whatever. I still love Amazing Race and can't wait until the next go-round.

American Idol
Yes, I do actually watch this thing (more or less) with a kind of bemused interest. I'm too old to understand beat boxing and whatever that is except making little boy noises when you don't feel like or can't sing. A little is alright. But any more than a little is more than enough. So, beat boxing guy can go. I am also very lukewarm in regards to Melinda Doolittle. Yes, she has pipes, but you know this "oh gosh, ME? You like ME?" stuff has gotten old quickly. Plus, I don't know. I can't put my finger on it, but it seems so polished that it's detached. It'd be great listening, if I didn't have to watch it. Sadly, I don't love her. Jordin is ok, but tends to oversing, and LaKisha is a great singer who is lousy at picking her songs. My biggest complaint? Bee Gee night? Why? And if you're going to make them sing Bee Gee songs, then I just don't think you get the right to complain about the songs. You might as well have a Tiny Tim night and then complain because it sounds too karaoke. What else are you going to do with it? Yeesh.

Started slow. Got fun. I still go online to watch the tribal council where Edgardo got the boot. I'm rooting for Yao-Man or Earl, which means they'll both lose. We'll see, though.

I feel like such a cool person because I actually watch this show. I don't watch Lost. I don't watch Desperate Housewives. I never watched Alias or X-Files. But I watch Heroes. Every Monday night when it's on, TeenTuna keeps walking by asking, "what's happening on Heroes" but after about 5 minutes (or as soon as Sylar and his magical finger appear), she's running for the door yelling, "I DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS!!" It's just too cool.

Bill Moyers
Is just the coolest guy ever.


Anonymous said...

Thank God! You're back at last. Hours on weather icons?? Hmmmm.

Yes, Bill Moyers for President, I say.

And I hear, though I haven't seen it, that the show House is very good.

NPRTuna is having a demanding but good journalism fellowship trip. Is in Ontario--somewhere.

Peace from PeaceTuna

lifeonhold said...

Oh how I love Heroes!

If you haven't tried it out since the first few shows, I think you might love 30 Rock. It's humor is fast and furious and in my mind I think it is very Tuna-licious.

It goes into repeats at the end of May

Anonymous said...

WHAT? You DON'T watch DANCING WITH THE STARS??? I know, I know. . . it's on at the same time as HEROES (partly), but isn't that what TIVO and VCRs are for?

I used to watch HEROES, but DANCING and 24 use up all my available electronics gear, so I just catch a wee bit of the second half. I wish they hadn't gone on such a long hiatus because I really lost interest and am having a hard time getting back into it. . . partially.

I love Yau-Man and Earl, too! Boo will probably win. Or the Black girl.

from annieclaus