Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday's Feast

It's a mid-afternoon dragging Friday Feast. Ha. I just wrote feats. What kind of feats are in store today?

Appetizer: List three emotions you experienced this week
Exhaustion as I try to avoid falling into a coma at work. It's sad that the alphabet isn't all that terribly exciting on a daily basis.
Exasperation as I try to fall into a coma at the appropriate hour of sleeping. It doesn't always work, and even the alphabet doesn't help.
Frustration as I attempt to navigate waters of my resident teenage typhoon. This means, pick an emotion, any emotion (the more irrational the better), and then change your mind every 15 seconds for the next several years.

Soup: Name a Car You'd Love to Have
New, Paid-For and Gas Efficient. I think I will call him George.

Salad: Describe Your Typical Morning Routine
Drag out of bed and into the bathroom. Watch the cat bust through a closed door and proceed to meow pathetically as she complains about her sorry state in life. Take a shower. Wake up TeenTuna. Get dressed. Wake TeenTuna up again. Pull together lunch. Threaten TeenTuna if she doesn't move it. Make sure all parties are appropriately clothed and have accomplished all basic morning hygiene rituals. Tell TeenTuna YES I MEAN BRUSH YOUR TEETH NOW. Grab the best breakfast in the world GramTuna's Grilled Cheese and head for the car. Drive to Burger King and shout "Church Ladies!!" at the drive-thru people so I get my kick-ass discount. Drop TeenTuna at school. Go to work. Attempt not to fall into a coma as I become one with the alphabet once again.

Main Course: Have You Ever Emailed Someone Famous? If so, who, and what did you say to them? Did they reply?
Well, there was this guy from Nigeria who needed my help and....

Dessert: Do You Listen to Podcasts? If so, which ones?
Thanks for outing my inner nerd. I am addicted to NPR's "This American Life" and I also follow "Driveway Moments" and "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me." I'm sure there's a twelve-step for me out there somewhere. Wonder if it's podcast?


Anonymous said...

Interesting feasts ... I loved your appertizer

Come over and enjoy my spread too!!

Anonymous said...

witty and hilarious as always. Happy Friday.