Friday, May 11, 2007

Haiku for You

In honor of Yellow Emergency Coordinator Hard Hat Fire Drill Day, I've decided to sit here and write haiku until the stupid fire alarm sounds or else my boss comes back and I can foist hard hat duties on someone else while I go to lunch.

Each and every spring
ugly yellow hardhats bloom
Satan's daffodils
Forget the watched pots
Watched fire alarms never ring
much less boil over
Hurry, please hurry.
Important decisions loom:
Burger or Pizza?
Like the game of Hearts
Best to pass the yellow hat
Plastic Queen of Spades
It's finally here
(No, not the annual drill)
My boss. Lunchtime. BYE!
Full Belly Later
The Yellow Hat Stands Alone
Much like toxic cheese

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

a yellow hardhat
prepare for emergencies
well it is a start!

Green Tuna yelling
Respect Mah Au-thor-i-tay!
this hat means something!

I'd like it better
if this yellow plastic hat
came with some galoshes!
the boy