Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about GREENTUNA

iPod Songs Haiku
First Thirteen Played in Shuffle
(God, I Hope They're Good)

1. You're The Devil in Disguise (Elvis Presley)
Pity Poor Elvis
Devil's Disguise Was Simply
Fried 'Nama Sammich

2. Look Through My Eyes (Phil Collins)
GreenTuna's nightmare
TeenTuna repeats AGAIN
"You'll Be In My Heart"

3. Red Red Wine (UB40)
It's impossible
to hear this song and not bounce
up and down. Yah, mon!

4. Goose Never Be A Peacock (Harold Arlen Songbook)
These are great lyrics
"Biggity" and "Squinchify"
don't happen often.

5. Symphony no. 2 in D Major, op. 43 I. Allegretto (Sibelius)
Look! It's Classical!
Not much to say about this,
Guess I should Finnish.

6. Carnival of the Animals (Fantasia 2000)
Graceful flamingos
Standing, Swimming in the Sun?
Nope. Yo-Yo Battles

7. Hallelujah! (Handel's Soulful Messiah)
Syncopation breathes
New life into old classics
Jesus jumps for jazz.

8. Lonely People (America)
Just a pretty song
Like those I grew up hearing
We're all called "oldies"

9. Michigan Roads (Root Doctor)
This past New Year's Eve
Scout and I heard Root Doctor
What an awesome night

10. Far Away (Nickelback)
Must be a freebie
Never heard it before now
Meh. Yawn. Shrug. What's Next?

11. Gathering of Spirits (Carrie Newcomer)

If you do not know
Carrie Newcomer, go HERE
now now now now now.

12. Great American Melting Pot (Schoolhouse Rock)
I LOVE Schoolhouse Rock
Each Saturday I prayed for
Conjunction Junction

13. Hold My Hand (Hootie and the Blowfish - "Cracked Rear View")
Love me some Hootie
but his devil in disguise?
Cheap Burger King ads.

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Dee said...

Re: number 3. I once worked in a place with a juke box. There was a group of people who loved that song so much they played it over and over again, every time they came in. I came to loathe it.

Re: number 7. This sounds way cool. Where can one get it?

GreenTuna said...

Handel's Messiah : A Soulful Celebration. I found it on Amazon for $9.98

Jeannine said...

That is such a great idea for a TT! maybe I will steal it from you one day... :-)