Sunday, May 20, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think:

1. Coastguard :: Ocean

2. Buddies :: Pals

3. Nap :: Badly Needed, Seldom Gotten

4. Groan :: Moan

5. Sitcom :: 1/2 Hour Funnies

6. Reader :: Rabbit

7. Heroes :: LOVE THAT SHOW

8. Amazing :: Race

9. Woman :: W-O-M-A-N. Let me say it again...

10. Don't :: The first word in the mom dictionary

Had to look up Reader Rabbit, because even though it was the first thing that popped into my head, suddenly I couldn't remember who or what he, she or it was. As I was searching the cobwebby windmills of my mind, the next thing that popped into my head was Crusader Rabbit, and then I was all confused about who was which. Thankfully, the Internets helped straighten it all out.

Hip, Now, Electronically and Educationally Focused
Reader Rabbit

and his distant relative, Crusader Rabbit
Guess which one I grew up with?

Mutter along HERE.


TVJ said...

1. Coastguard :: Costner (why? I hate that dude and haven't even seen the movie)

2. Buddies :: Cops

3. Nap :: Time

4. Groan :: Lame

5. Sitcom :: Rarely

6. Reader :: Writer

7. Heroes :: Yatta!

8. Amazing :: Race

9. Woman :: Man

10. Don't :: Stop

Ashley said...

We had the same word for groan and amazing. I also thought of the show Heroes but actually wrote Hayden Panettiere as my word for that one.

I'm a computer lab teacher, and we use a Reader Rabbit program in the lab. Interesting to see crusadr rabbit.

Anonymous said...

I say ... And You Think:
1. Coastguard :: boats
2. Buddies :: Bosom
3. Nap :: Attack
4. Groan :: Gripe
5. Sitcom :: Laugh Track
6. Reader :: Weekly
7. Heroes :: Superfriends!
8. Amazing :: Grace
9. Woman :: Hear me roar
10. Don't :: go breakin' my heart
random, but so has this week been.
the boy