Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Comic Wednesday

Speaking of comics, from xkcd:

This dorkness on parade? Given the opportunity, this is exactly the kind of stuff I'd do all day long. For instance, whenever we drove to BSTuna's house this summer, we had to go through several miles of construction zone. That in and of itself is no news whatsoever, because from March through November the entire state is a construction zone.


This particular construction zone diverted all traffic way over to the side of the road, and for about 5 miles we had to drive over rumble strips, or "butt numbers" as they are known in Tuna lingo.

Numbers as in numb as in I can't feel my butt anymore. Not as in counting. Maybe numb-ers? This is suddenly a confusing concept. Continuing...

So we were driving over the butt numb-ers for what seemed forever and quickly discovered the numb-ers had a specific pitch and rhythm which depended on the speed of the car. We spent the entire construction zone attempting different sounds and discussing the overall coolness of the butt numb-er concerto.

Thankfully we were not pulled over by a police officer, because I don't think I could have explained that one away without someone hauling me off in handcuffs or at the very least, making me take a drunk test.

So, yeah. Tapping out Jurassic Park on the desk? Think I'll try it today. It sounds cool.

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