Friday, October 12, 2007

Tuna Surprise

It's so easy to write and gripe and snark about the stupid, the incomprehensible, and the lousy things in life. But tonight my dishes are done, my refrigerator is cleaned out, my living room is clean and my bedroom is passable. Tonight GramTuna cooked a delecious dinner, TeenTuna practiced her violin, read her book, and helped switch out her summer clothes for her winter clothes, and I spent some time making some homemade soup for tomorrow. The pets are fed and the house is quiet, save for the hum of the television and the soft thmp-thmp-thmp of the computer keyboard.

It's so easy to get sucked into what you don't have. But tonight, having the luxury of time, I am able to sit and think of my good fortunes. I have friends and family who love and support me. I have colleagues willing to go to bat for me. Even though it's still work, my jobs (yes, plural) allow me to spend my day surrounded by music, instead of breaking my back or asking customers if they would like fries with their meal. I have four pillows and several snuggly blankets that will soon be shared with the four-footed furry friends. I have a stack of good books to read and a Mike's to drink.

My house is full of silly, sentimental, wonderful things: A small wooden piano my grandfather made. A cowbell, because you ALWAYS need more cowbell. Two iron-cast musical frogs (a singer and a violinist), a small ceramic pig that says "Ashes of Problem Students" on the side, and two critically important tools: my label maker and my back scratcher. My walls are covered with my framed sewing projects and several art prints. None of my decor would win any design awards, but everything says me. Everything says home. My home.

My life may truly be an iPod shuffle -- I never know what surprise is going to show up next -- but tonight, sitting in my own space among all the knick-knacks of my life I wanted to take a minute to remind myself of the good things and people in my life and say a little thank you. I'm sure the sarcasm will return tomorrow, as will the surprises, both good and bad. But today ... tonight ... sitting in my own space ... my home ... it's all good.

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annie said...

Well expressed; the feeling you describe is one of my favorites. Its in those moments of peace and satisfaction that I restore my soul and generate the energy for the next series of "surprises" that exhaust and (sometimes) dispirit. I like your blog!