Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about GREENTUNA

Thirteen Haiku on My Sister's Birthday Dinner Menu

("Freshly processed" farm roasted chickens with onions, garlic smashed potatoes, farm green beans, the usual corn and bread, Cole slaw, Chocolate pound cake, Raspberry or Strawberry Sherbet)

1. Dinner from the farm.
Deadly game of duck duck goose.
Rabbits look relieved.

2. Farm-fresh Clucky says
"Freshly processed" really means
"Clucky Unlucky"

3. TeenTuna used to
turn up her nose at onions
now wants grilled daily.

4. Pity the vampire
No garlic? Fate worse than death.
And vampires should know.

5. Mashed is smooth and blah.
Smashed potato lumps? Yummy
edible conflict.

6. Eggs and Ham are things
not meant to be green like beans.
How about tuna?

7. I have a question.
Who exactly is this Cole?
(Really, I don't care)

8. Everybody knows
that for me it's Pie, Pie PIE
(except that mince one)

9. Staples. Metal wires
join odd things together like
corn and bread at meals.

10. Sherbet or ice cream
No difference when it it stirred
and becomes gross soup.

11. The children will cry.
No triple chocolate cheesecake?
No! Eat your whipped cream.

12. Fred, Joe, Bobby, Jane...
When counting for dinner, please
Do not forget Mike(s).

13. Forget Great Pumpkin.
Nephew prays that he might see
The Great Turducken.


Bloggers said...

I love Haikus. They are so cool.

my 13 is up on
Working at Home Mom

Anonymous said...

It's been a loooong time, and I don't have 13 in me for sure ;) but here goes:

Turkeys still too young
Ducks have gone to bigger ponds
Hang in there Nephew

Spousal impatience
Prevents all-out *real* farm here

Holy Cow it's hard
To make sure the syllables
Count up correctly!

Bunnies an option
But would have to disguise it
What else could it be?

Must clean out freezer-
Does farm-fresh exclude frozen?
Not on my menu


Christine d'Abo said...

I love the poems! I wish I was half that talented where it comes to poetry. Happy TT!