Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Two words one might never see together:


Rarely in this world am I speechless. This may be a first.

I may recover once I stop laughing. Or maybe I won't. Usually those of us who have actually tried the stuff claim it tastes like over-salted Stovetop Stuffing. This, however, supposedly tastes like Butterscotch. Which I don't particularly care for either.

For sure you can buy it. You know you want to.


mensch71 said...

*gasps for breath*

Oh dear God. Guess what the entire Mensch Clan is getting for Christmas?!?!?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Och, mee dear lassie - methinks they ha' made a turrible, turrible, blunder. Why for sake o' all the tartans in Scotland would nae they ha' stuck true to the flavour o' haggis - what ha' been loved and longed for centuries on?

annie said...

You are SO making that up.

If its real, though, my dad will eat it. He'll eat anything. Including haggis.

Antoinette said...

ROFL - Just imagine... your eyes say you're going to eat haggis (well, sort of) and then your tastebuds get Butterscotch! YUCK