Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Late Night Conversations

Last night as TeenTuna was going to bed, I was stretched out next to her with my arm draped over my eyes, listening to to her daily adventures and trying to stay awake.

TeenTuna: The schedule was all messed up today because it was Drug Prevention day in school.

GreenTuna: (Half asleep) Don't do drugs.

TeenTuna: Yeah, I know. So, I had to go to gym, and...

GreenTuna: And not do drugs.

TeenTuna: No. Tennis. But yesterday we had free gym day so I played somethingsomething I started falling asleep here.

GreenTuna: Sounds like fun. Don't do drugs.

TeenTuna: And then we had to go see this drug movie.

GeenTuna: Just say no.

TeenTuna: Yeah, I know. But the movie was cool.

GreenTuna: (Wondering if I fell asleep and missed something) Cool?

TeenTuna: Yeah.

GreenTuna: Don't do drugs.

TeenTuna: Yeah, I know. I want to see if we can get it.

GreenTuna: Get what?

TeenTuna: The movie.

GreenTuna: Wow. That must have been some movie.

TeenTuna: Yeah. It had great songs.

GreenTuna: Songs? You liked the songs?

TeenTuna: Yeah. You know with me, it's all about the music.

GreenTuna: I guess so. Don't do drugs.

TeenTuna: Yeah, I know.

GreenTuna: Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

TeenTuna: Ok mom. Yes, Yes I know. I won't do drugs.

GreenTuna: Good. My work here is done. Goodnight.

I guess TeenTuna wasn't the only one dealing with drug awareness day. Maybe his presentation didn't have a good sound track...

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