Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Non-Rockwellian Evening

Although the following conversations were most certainly NOT a part of the idyllic Thanksgiving Celebration depicted above, they were a part of mine. However, the jury is still out on the guy peering into the picture from the lower right hand corner. Don't you think he has that look that asks, "Did you fart?"

BigSister Tuna: Did you see that commercial for Happy Crack?
GreenTuna: WHAT?
BSTuna: Yeah. Happy crack. He's a cartoon guy and he's happy.
GreenTuna: Why?
BSTuna: It's a cement commercial. He was sad because he had wet crack but now he has dry crack and he's happy.
GreenTuna: Dry Crack? Is this a cement commercial or a toilet paper commercial?
BigBrotherTuna: I better NOT hear this coming back from school!


BigBrotherTuna: First and goal.
NephewTuna: Goat?
GramTuna: (from the kitchen) I'M NOT SERVING ANY GOATS!
GreenTuna: Aw, no goats.
GreenTuna and BSTuna: They've been Baaaaaaaaad!


TallGuyTuna: They HAVE to go for two (extra points) in the third overtime.
GreenTuna: Really? I didn't know that.
BigBrotherTuna: Yeah. By this time they're trying to wrap things up.
GreenTuna: So what happens if it goes to a fourth overtime? Go for two and then have a spelling bee?


Nephew Tuna: Dad, did you fart?
BigBrother Tuna: No I didn't. ... Did you?
Nephew Tuna: (thinking)........oh yeah, I did!!

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Anonymous said...

Lest you think I jest (or just try and cause trouble):
We ought to team him up with the MonkeyButt guy.