Thursday, November 29, 2007

Practice, Practice, Practice

You'll be glad to know that I refrained from wearing my crazy clothes this morning out of respect for my teenaged daughter and her middle school neuroses. I have to admit though, the stripes, plaids, and beanies with propellers were singing a siren song.

I didn't wear matching socks, though, because I didn't wear socks! I wore a skirt. And a very conservative one at that. TeenTuna approved my outfit that morning, and I looked very respectable, thank you.

Our rehearsal went quite well, and after we went through it once, the conductor left to find the Principal. She came back, with both Principal and Brand New School Superintendant in tow. The Super recognized TeenTuna, and complimented her on her performance as Mrs. Peacock in the school musical, Clue. TeenTuna, bless her everliving heart, executed a perfect combination of grace and humility. She thanked the Superintedant appropriately and then pointed to her friend in the violin section and said, "And there's Miss Scarlett!"

All I could think was, "that was AWESOME."

With the honored guests in attendance, we ran the duet again. All were duly impressed, and in her own middle school way, I know TeenTuna was eating this up. I had great fun, and only got the clench-teethed MOM! twice. Once for humming (I looked at her and said, it's my warmup), and once when we finished and I clunked her on the head with my music and said, "Good job." I suppose out of respect for TeenTuna I should rethink music head clunking in the future.

Maybe I'll just replace it with crazy clothes.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think I know which one TeenTuna would prefer :P

bozoette said...

Or the propeller beany. Yeah, that's the ticket!