Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things About Which I Will Not Post

The other day my friend remarked that it used to be regrettable that society at large tended to lead the unexamined life, but with the explosion of blogs and online social networks, these days it seems we lead the far-too-examined life, airing our dirty laundry, embarrassing stories, deepest secrets and darkest moments with the rest of the world. As I was agreeing with everything she said, I made a mental note to start purging my blog of frothy banal posts or anything that described what I had for lunch.

While it's true that The Internet is infected with TMI-itis, it sure doesn't stop me from running people over in order to read the latest juicy details, and on occasion contributing to it myself. Call it Peeping Tom Syndrome or morbid curiosity, it's all indicative of a kind of lemming mentality. Everybody, me included wants to be like Mike.

But you'll be glad to know that even I have my limits (not to mention something that might resemble standards), so here are a few topics that you can expect me NOT to blog about any time in the near or far future:

"Caturday" Posts
Yes, I have cats. On purpose. And I love them. They're fun and funny and needy and aloof all at the same time. Writing about pets on the odd occasion? Just fine. Dedicating an entire day of the week to chronicle a life filled with eating, sleeping and killing each other? Pass.

The Shoe Meme
Somewhere (I'm far to lazy to look this up) there is a daily shoe posting meme thing. Now, I'm sure that there are lots and lots of people out there with enough shoes to fill the days and weeks of our lives, but that person isn't me. Besides, how many pairs of Payless worn-down black pumps do you really want to see? Zero, that's how many. You're welcome.

The Fridge Meme
If shoes weren't bad enough there is a Friday Fridge meme where all participants take a picture of the inside of their Fridge. All I can wonder is, who thought this was a good idea besides somebody who had a new, beautiful, extra-large, brushed aluminum stainless steel fridge, no groceries to speak of, and no friends with whom to share it. The only picture I'd like of my fridge is one from the inside when I mange to cram everything inside and shut the door.

Current Technology
There shalt be no posts on the iPhone, the Mac OS known as "Leopard", or the wonders of TiVo. Don't have. Don't have. Don't have. And even if I did, none of it is blogging worthy in my world. We'll just save it for the big boys.

Christmas ANYTHING before Thanksgiving
My own little personal war against the man. The big fat man in the red suit. He'll survive without me for a few more weeks.


bozoette said...

That fridge meme is just wrong. Wrong, I tell you!! And I agree with you on the mince pie.

Antoinette said...

Oops - don't visit me - it's Christmas 365 days a year, if I can help it :)