Monday, February 21, 2005

Diversionary Tactics

For all you lucky so-and-sos who are celebrating Dead Presidents by sitting at home in your pajamas pondering the sales on La-z-Boy recliners and washing machines, let me inspire you with this labor of love.

Brian Berg "Cardstacker" and Guinness World Record Holder (presumably for cardstacking, though sometimes you just never know) has been working since February 11th to create the NYC Skyline out of cards. He is scheduled to finish the project today, and all proceeds from this endeavor will be donated to tsunami relief.

One question I have:
Do you think he wants the row-boat or the sewing machine?


nk said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! After wiping off my keyboard--which obscure Brady trivia will do to me--I pondered your question.

I think, provided his charm bracelet stays where it should and Tiger leaves him alone, that, in lieu of making some groovy dresses, he will do the right thing and pick the TV. The COLOR TV.

Thanks for the best laugh I've had all day! :)

Mrs. Wonderful said...

I missed the joke because I'm sitting here in my PJs and sox, pondering the La-Z-Boy ads and trying to catch Green Tuna peeking in my windows.

And listening to Numa Numa again (and again).