Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday Feast

It's Friday, so that means Friday Feast day. Some fun questions today...

Appetizer: Name something that makes you scream
Isn't the answer supposed to be Ice Cream?
Answer: An enormous pile of unmatched, unfolded black and navy blue socks and a 15-watt lightbulb.

Soup: Who is a musician you enjoy listening to when you want to relax?
Surely this is a hypothetical question because as I understand life, "relaxing" is an unproven, mythological state of being, existing in that infinitesimally small space that separates an over-caffeinated hyperactive stress filled life and dead-to-the-world zombified sleep. Who has the time for a transition phase?
Answer: Not Singers, for singers make me think, and analyze, and critique. My most recent purchase, however, would be Yo Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone. Listen to the squib from The Mission called Gabriel's Oboe.

Salad: What was the last book you purchased?
Ooooo, It's questions like this that make me wish I had picked up something really smart and profound and thought-provoking.
Answer: Something really smart, profound and thought-provoking:
The Sweet Potato Queens' Big Ass Cookbook (And Financial Planner)

Main Course: If You Could Live One Day As Any Historical Figure, Who Would It Be, and What Would You Do?
Aieeeee! This is a very hard question for the self-proclaimed Queen of Indecision. There are too many choices. Do I go Musical? Artistic? Literary? Sports? Political? Animal? Vegetable? Mineral?
Answer: Marie Antoinette. I'd bring a lot of cake.

Dessert: Tell about a time when you were lost. Where did you end up? How long did it take you to get back where you were going?
Listen my children, and you will hear
of the midnight ride of Tuna Revere
One if by land and two if by sea
Twas supposed to be Berlin, but it was Tivoli.
Answer: As in Gardens. As in Copenhagen. The Tuna clan had boarded an overnight train and planned to spend the next day in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate and various art museums. When we awoke and looked out the window we saw...Nothing. No-thing. We saw metal. We puzzled and puzzed and wondered what on earth was going on. We were swallowed up in the belly of the metal whale for what seemed was forever, and when we finally emerged and figured out what was what, we were some 220 miles off course. As luck and fate would have it, we were well-equipped with Eurail passes, so we simply changed our plans for the day and hung out in Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen. Six other passengers on the (now obviously mis-marked) train weren't so lucky, and were escorted off the train when we arrived so they could settle their bill.


Margaret said...

You have my permission about RSS...what is it? I'm still a blog tard.

Anonymous said...

My mother and I went for a ride one afternoon. By evening we were passing corn fields, row after anonymous row. We took a turn and ended up in the field itself, and it was too dark to go anywhere, since corn fields don't have street lights. Nothing fazes my mother. She dug an afghan out of the back seat and she and I slept till dawn. Off we went, back to civilization, a littl hungry but not at all abashed.