Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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...Nobody knows you're a dog

Of course, the big news last night wasn't that Paul Abdul cannot act when she tried to fake out half the American Idol contestants into thinking they were cut, when if fact they weren't. The real news was the 2005 Best In Show Winner from the Westminster Kennel Club

Carlee. Woof.

Carlee had to beat out a Bloodhound, a Border Collie (ala "Babe"), a big white puffy dog, a kick-me dog that could stunt double as a dust mop, and a little brown Toto-esque dog who was (and they were serious about this) "the big comeback story" because she "took time out" to have puppies.

And some other dogs I can't remember.

But the big -- REALLY BIG -- news was the near $600,000 price tag that these two paintings earned at the annual "Dogs in Art" auction, that is held in conjunction with the dog show.

The top picture, "A Bold Bluff" is described as, "A St. Bernard stares down his opponents while holding a weak hand. The bottom picture, "Waterloo" is described as, "The St. Bernard has astounded the other players and taken the pot!"

I guess so. To the tune of about $600k.

Need more dog junk?
Check out this page courtesty of The Snoop Dawg Gizoogle. It's the next best thing to Barbara Billingsly providing a personal translation (Oooo! Obscure movie reference!!)

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Jay Ann Cox, PhD said...

I love dogs. I turn into a 10-yr old girl around dogs. A 6 yr old girl around puppies. "I yuvvv dawgies." (See what I mean?) I thought the Sussex spaniel had the whole thing robbed from him by Carlee, the bitch. (that's dawg humor)

What, Paula Abdul can't act? I mean, like, um, wha, you mean, like, she cannot? And stuff.

BTW, my son is in the Tucson Boys Chorus. *beam*