Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday Roundup

Lots of catch-up this morning...

Item The First: OSCAR OSCAR
The oft-celebrated and sometimes insomnia-curing Academy Awards are (monster truck voice) SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! If you haven't yet consulted your crystal ball, there is still time. Make your predictions, enter the OSCAR POOL and let your voice be heard! It's free, it's fun, and history shows that those who actually haven't seen ANY of the movies do quite well. TinyTuna will be making her picks, and tomorrow I'll offer my opinions based on absolutely nothing.

Item The Second: Blogging For Books
I ran across Blogging for Books while reading one of many favorite blogs, MissMeliss: Scritture. It piqued my interest, but the topic for the month was a bit daunting: Risk. Since I tend to equate the word risk with things like jumping out of airplanes and wrasslin' gators, I don't particularly consider myself to be a big risk-taker. But it struck me one night as I was driving home from teaching (where many ideas tend to strike), that we take risks every day, and for many different reasons. Big or small, calculated or happenstance, they are all markers -- tiny roadside signs -- of the paths we choose to take as we journey through this existence.

My entry for "Risk" was a personal account of a difficult time that happened some twelve years ago. I was struck by all the truly heartfelt comments I received, and I worried a bit, because you worried for me. That was so sweet, and I thank you, and honestly...I'm fine. I wanted to write the piece not to exorcise some sadness, but simply to remember. It will always be one of many, many markers in my life; a little road sign that shows the decision I made -- the risk I took -- and a little arrow saying, She went that way --->

The results for this round have been posted, and I am proud and very humbled to say, I was selected as one of three winners. The entries were marvelous and the competition was difficult. Many thanks to the readers, and the judges and can I just say how excited I am, because I get a new book!

Item The Third: Survivor Fantasy
Last night was the first night that points were awarded for Survivor Pulau Fantasy League. Our tribe did pretty well overall, and so far the points are really, really close. Yikes!

Item The Fourth: Friday Poll!!
Not enough for a quorum. It's like eating vegetables. It's like doing sit-ups. It's like housework. You don't have to like it. You just have to do it! Remember, cheating is not just allowed, it's encouraged! When you're finished stuffing the ballot box with Toddler Straitjackets, be sure to hop, skip and jump over to The Sketch Factor to play Guess the Doodle. (Correct answer: girl)

10 minutes later: Alas, no more Doodle-Guessing, but go over to The Sketch Factor anyway, and vote for the American Idol Rocker of your choice. The correct answer is Bo, because he sang, Give me The Beach Boys...

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Kat said...

Congrats on your victories, both in the blogging competition and in the Survivor Fantasy League for this round.

I have unfortunately changed my poll... as baby Doodle will reveal him/herself today... but you can now vote on whether you prefer rocker Bo or Constantine from American Idol.