Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oscar Wrapup

Best Actor
Jamie Foxx (Ray)

Best Director
Clint Eastwood (Million $ Baby)

Best Movie
Million $ Baby

Best Observation Regarding Martin Scorsese's Losing Streak
blurryv1510n: Martin has no Oscars. He will win an Oscar if his next movie has Sean Astin in it....or he could just direct a movie about a stupid boxer on a sinking ship looking for the one ring.

OSCAR POOL 2005 FINAL TALLY -- 24 Total Categories -- 35 Ballots

16 = Jette, TVJunkie, GreenTuna

13 = Cindy, Nancy

12 = Ruby, Cops

11 = Anne, Lifeonhold, Jubileee, Rivetergirl, Odie, Doom Song,
10 = GramTuna
9 = NK, Julie O., Gforce
8 = Kat, Brad, Sam, Kyara, Bozoette, KiteLady,
7 = Lemony Snickett, NikkiG, Melissa, Angel G., TinyTuna, TVWish
6 = Mensch
5 = LeannWoo, T,
3 = IshKabibil, Slae,
2 = Grandma

Thanks to everybody who came along for the ride.
See you at the movies!


Mensch71 said...

I'm officially terrible at pools. Except the Dead Pool. I'm doing well there. :)

GreenTuna said...

Well, I must made TinyTuna feel alot better ;)

lifeonhold said...

That was a lot of fun, Tuna!
For the record, I do believe I got 12 correct also.

lifeonhold said...

Drat! You're right, Tuna. I only got 11 right. I was so eager to hit 50% that I hallucinated a 12th correct pick.