Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday Roundup

Item the First: The finalists for the Blogging for Books project have been posted. With a wee bit of pride, I'm pleased to report that I am in the company of six amazing writers. Take a look here and then sign up for the next round in March.

Item the Second: Much to my dismay, it seems that Miss Tracy-Anne Collins has passed along my name to Miss Jennifer Wilkins, who had Janice Cook send me an email using the account belonging to Stacey-Rodriguez. No mention of clevage [sic], but this time it's a hot tub and she tells me she has "lingerie ready for this." *sighs and puts on her explaining face* Really, Miss Jennifer Wilkins, since when do they make swim-gerie? That's right. They don't. You wear skimpies in a hot tub and you'll be calling all sorts of professionals to clean out your various pipes. I have decided I will forward the names of both Miss Tracy-Anne Collins and Miss Jennifer Wilkins to Mr. Olsom Berghart, a personal treasurer to Mikhail Khodorkovsky the Richest man in Russia. Perhaps they might like to invest in his Oil operation by sending their personal bank information and in return receiving 4% of the profits...

Item the Third: FRIDAY POLL!!
The boxes have been stuffed, and all the ballots we didn't like were left by the side of the road. The results have been tabulated, and this week, even the state of Ohio couldn't save our nation's deity. The winner, by a slim margin, was none other than Dick Clark and his evil minions who will survive the nuclear blast.


And now, A NEW POLL!!!

A Hot Name Makes Women Sexier!!

Aliens Claim Jacko Is Their Son!!!

Are You In Love -- Or Just Plain Whipped?

Shocking Real Reason Why Hillary Collapsed...Tight Thong Cut Off Blood Supply!

Strap Down Your Bratty Kids With Toddler Straitjackets!!

Vote Now!!
(That means YOU, Miss Tracy-Anne Collins AND Miss Jennifer Watkins!!!)

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Anonymous said...

First - congrats on making the BfB semifinals. Your entry was really powerful.

Second - THIS entry made me giggle.