Saturday, February 05, 2005

Inside, Outside, Upside-Down

I have now seen TWO grown up movies nominated for Oscars. The first, you may remember, was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which I loved (And today, I bought).

Today, after dumping TinyTuna at play performance for the afternoon, GramTuna and I decided to forego cooking, cleaning, laundry and dishes (nearly all of these were my chores, not hers) and we went to the movies.
The film du jour was:

2005 Oscar Nominations:
Best Director

Best Picture
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress

Best Screenplay Adaptation

How was it? Oh my, it was good. Very, very good. The downside to all this movie viewing is, Oscar picks will be tougher to make. The upside is I'm 2-for-2 in the good-movie department, AND the DVD of Ray is sitting in my living room right now.

Sideways. Awesome. Two Tunas Up.

How is YOUR Oscar viewing going?

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