Monday, November 08, 2010

A thousand words? Maybe not

The holiday season is upon us.  Truth be told, the holiday season has been upon us since the 5th of July, when all any retailer can do is dream of ghosts and goblins followed by big fat jolly guy hauled around by a bunch of overworked reindeer.  Halloween and Christmas are the two biggies between July and January, and there is no better place to get your holiday groove movin' than at the grocery store.  Now I know that there is a rather substantial celebration sandwiched in between the October tricks and the December treats, but for some reason unknown to me, Thanksgiving just doesn't make the cut.  I think until costumes, candy and/or presents are involved, Thanksgiving will continue to be celebrated more as Black-Friday-Eve, or, that night we bulk up before we hit the stores at 3:00am to buy a toaster oven for a nickel.

Tonight I bring you a grocery store pictorial.  No turkeys in these shots.  Or should I say, no feathered fowl.  There are plenty of turkeys.  God bless us, everyone.

The Hook costume was awesome,
but what you can't see,
and what made it ten times funnier
was he wasn't buying a bottle of rum.
It was a case of Bud Light.

Seen today.  In November.  On a date that only has single digits.
This is one disturbing Charlie Brown.
It looks more like Grandpa.
Or maybe, considering those two flaps in his yellow shirt,
Charlie Brown also needs to pull down his sleeves.
His cyborg circuitry is showing.

Probably the least scariest display of the bunch, so less to mock here.
However, it gives me a chance to repeat the funniest Facebook exchange of the day,
as one of my friends commiserated with another about people who complain
loud and long about the early appearance of Christmas decorations.
and I quote,
"Christmas decorations are like an 8-year old singing show tunes.
They're both going to come out eventually."

After a late-night viewing of The Godfather,
 Santa thought of a great joke to play on Mrs. Claus.

It's not exactly filled with fairy dust and elven magic.
Maybe in his off days, Herbie wanted to be something more than a dentist.
Taxidermy, anyone?

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