Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grab a Bucket and Cue the Sap

All her bags are packed and she's ready to go.  She's exhausted and excited, and although she is already complaining about not being able to sleep on a plane, I would put down money that when push comes to snooze, she'll sleep.  She's that tired.  I am too, but there isn't any extra sleep in my immediate future.  As she jets across the pond, it will be another double workday for me, followed by coming home and collapsing.  I'm hoping for some recovery on Friday, because by the looks of my house, I'm going to need some super-human strength if I'm going to be able to properly aim the flame thrower at all the Preparation-Germany flotsam and jetsam that is scattered all over the house.  I'm not going to complain about it too much, though.  We did what we had to do, and we got it done in time.  Savor those victories wherever we can, says I.

This is her first BIG trip where she is on her own.  No parent chaperone.  No cell phone to keep in touch via text.  Her host family has a computer, so I'm fully expecting emails while she's gone.  I told her I wasn't going to write letters like I do when she is at camp (camp letters = 2% personal family stuff and 98% nonsense from the Internet), and I absolved her from having to do the same.  And although I am fully confident in her ability to keep her belongings together, to be flexible on a daily basis, and to adapt to a new routine and culture, I'm just a tiny bit bummed that I'm going to miss this experience, not because I feel the need to be a buttinsky or a control freak (no and oh hell, no), but because I want to be a part of it.

Luckily for her, it's not going to happen this time.  I'm in the middle of the semester, so work is critical right about now.  And in all honesty, she needs and deserves to have some of these experiences herself.  So while she's gone I'll pray for safe travel, good weather, warm, gracious and humorous hosts, lots of outstanding concerts, and a unique experience she'll want to share with us over and over again.

All I can say is, there better pictures.  Lots and lots and lots of pictures.

Good luck, Godspeed and come home soon.
I miss you already.

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