Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anyplace I Hang My Hat

To never travel
Is to never realize
Life outside oneself.

I love to travel.  There aren't words to describe the fun and fulfillment of going someplace outside your own four walls, farther down the road than your town, to a different city, or state, or even country.  There are things to see and do and discover.  There are foods to eat and cultures to soak in and embrace.  Every trip taken is an invitation to open yourself up to something new, and affords you the opportunity to grow and expand your horizons, if you choose to accept it.

Some trips are familiar like warm comfy sweaters or a favorite t-shirt and flip-flops.  Others are brand new. First timers. Chances to discover new "favorites" that you'll add to your ever expanding list of "let's do that again!"  This summer we got to do both -- the usual and beloved trek to the beach, a whirlwind adventure of theatre and Shakespeare (and Christopher Plummer!) at Stratford, Ontario (Canada), and then a quick jaunt down the road to a gorgeous botanical garden we've never seen, but have vowed to make a return trip much, MUCH more often.

Free an' easy, That's my style,
Howdy do me, Watch me smile,

But fare the well me after while,
'Cause I gotta roam

An' any place I hang my hat is home!

Sweetenin' water, Cherry wine,
Thank you kindly, Suits me fine,

Kansas City, even Caroline,

That's my honeycomb,
'Cause any place I hang my hat is home.

Birds roostin' in a tree pick up an' go,
An' the goin' proves that's how it oughta to be,
I pick up too when the spirit moves me.

 Cross the river, round the bend,
Howdy stranger, So long friend,

 There's a voice in the lonesome win'
Keeps whisperin' roam!

 I'm going where a welcome mat is,
No matter where that is,

'Cause any place I hang my hat is home.

Counting the days until I travel again.
Happy Wednesday, everybody.

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