Friday, November 12, 2010

A quick hit

In the Inbox
  • From my friends at Ikea, the email subject line asked, "Ready for Thanksgiving?" I was confused.  I don't often associate turkey and stuffing with furniture assembly.  That might just give me a MINCE PIE FACE.  Aha!!  There's the connection.
  • Kohls let me know today that tomorrow there will be a "Christmas Mega Sale" for Night Owls and Early Birds (catchy, right?).  My question is... when are things NOT on sale at Kohls?
  • I loved the ironic placement of a Williams Sonoma email about hot chocolate next to a health and fitness email saying, "Want to fit into your skinny jeans?  Try these moves."  Hopefully one of those moves includes walking quickly and with purpose away from the hot chocolate
On the Twitter
  •  Not much tonight.
  •  But you should follow Roger Ebert, Andy Borowitz, Rick Bayless, Dalai Lama and DoWhatITellYou.
On the Interwebs 
  • Which is more shocking?  That Harrison Ford felt Han Solo should have died in the 3rd film, or that two of the Gosselin brood have been expelled form school?
  • When push comes to shove, who really cares??

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