Friday, November 05, 2010

Or Not

It's getting to be hunkering down season.  The weather is colder, the trees are bare once again and despite the fact that we gain an hour's sleep on Sunday morning, and for the next several months my light sources are either fluorescent, street- or head-lights.  Nearly all of the Halloween trappings are down, and although I'm hopeful that I won't see giant inflatable turkeys decorating neighborhood yards, I know that Lite-Brite reindeer, penguins trapped in inflatable snow globes, and  a huge assortment of Santas, Frostys, Angels, Shepherds, Wise Guys and Baby Jee's are going to be everywhere sooner, rather than later.

This time of year always has a "ready or not" vibe to it, and I, without fail, am always squarely in the "or not" camp. As a result, I'm always scrambling to do the best I can, which is always so much less than everybody else.   Forget keeping up with the Joneses.  They're several months ahead of me, and widening their lead with each passing day.

The best I can do is take it all in stride and try not to force my holiday months into a Better Homes and Gardens cookie cutter.  Sure, some days might end up being filled with sugar-coated sprinkles, twinkling lights, and Christmas Carols sung by the fire as we spin our dreidel and commemorate Kwanzaa.  But other days?  Those are the days I ask "What Would Chuck Norris Do?"

Maybe he'd come to my house and bake me some Ninja-bread men.
Sounds pretty damn festive to me.


nlk said...

**runs off to google search ninja bread men cutters...and i don't even bake or LIKE gingerbread!**

--nancy k b

GreenTuna said...