Monday, November 01, 2010

Where have all the flowers gone?

Being a creature of rather severe habit, I boot up my computer in a very neurotically exacting organized fashion.  Email first, work program second, web browser third, IM programs fourth.  Even within my web browser there is a particular order from which I never stray:  Blog. Gmail. Facebook. RSS Reader. Twitter. I was extremely happy when the web browsers recognized my OCD dedication to order and allowed me to drag and reorder tabs, saving me the trauma of having to close everything down and start over again should something blip out unexpectedly. Because I absolutely, positively would do it (and let's face it, still do it), every single time.

Since the delightful day of May 27, 2010, I have opened up my blog and said hello to the same beautiful white peony that bloomed this past spring.  Unfortunately, "Hello peony, you sure are pretty" slowly morphed into "Yeah, flower, I know I really should get off my butt and write something."  Who knew that flowers were so good at heaping the guilt?  But as usual, I had a million things to do and a thousand excuses to go with them, and so my beautiful peony got to live at the top of my blog page for a long, LONG time.

At least it was something pretty and not something embarrassing.

Now the flowers are long gone, and we are barreling into November and December, pondering what it would be like to take a long winter's nap, if only our bosses or children or spouses or family or friends or social calendars or Internet farms would let us.  But despite the fact that even the insanity is overwhelmed by the crazy, one activity I don't want to neglect is participating in the November NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).  I'd hate to miss the opportunity of adding another pretty button to my collection, and who knows?   Maybe my multi-month hiatus wasn't so much a matter of me being a great big slacker (which of course, I was), but was, in fact, a chance for me to gather a few more stories to tell over the next thirty days.

 So sit back and enjoy. 
 Ready or not, here I come.


Felix said...

Welcome back to blogland, says someone who's been known to take even longer sabbaticals.

Carol, Song of Joy said...

Well, halleluia, it's been way too long. Welcome back.

Carol or is it Peace Tuna? I almost forgot.