Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Do Not Disturb the Snails

As I live and breathe and make my way through this world, I have discovered that I seem to have only two speeds -- snail and Tasmanian devil.  Actually, snail is overstating it a bit.  It's not really snail.  It's more like statue.  So, I either do nothing at all, or I run around like a crazy person for days or weeks on end, only to instantly revert back to statue status until it's time to wake up and dash away, dash away, dash away all.

I wonder what happened to my middle-man?  Seems my genetic makeup is incapable of putting "slow and steady wins the race" into practice.  So, I go with what I've got, and I deal with Jekyll or Hyde (which ever one shows up) as best I can.  In short doses either one is tolerable.  The real trick is coaxing the other half out in order to achieve (or at least work towards) some kind of balance. 

Lately, despite the frantic pace of the holidays, I'm pretty much stuck in statue mode.  I do those things that are considered to be crucial, but otherwise, I'm pretty much stuck in a rut, waiting it out.  Statue mode is great when necessary activities include watching TV, surfing the web and taking naps.  Sadly, those activities are not a required element on any given day. Frankly, I'm still waiting for Tasmanian devil to hit.  I had a small dose of it this past weekend and managed, in only a few hours, to finish up lots of Christmas shopping.

 But now I'm back to statue mode.  Maybe it's laziness.  Maybe it's the cold, damp weather.  But if it isn't crucial to kick my life into overdrive, I'm going to spend this Christmas break being a bit more accepting of my inactivity, and chalk it up to a well-needed bout of rest and relaxation.  After all, if Baby Jesus was asleep on the hay, I think I can snag a couple extra hours of shut-eye.  Ready..... Set.....


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