Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hold On!

There wasn't a more appropriately titled song sung by almost 170 high school kids than their finale, "Hold On". They were singing as a selected member of the 2010 Regional Honor's Choir (Region "B"). Their day today was filled with rehearsals and another audition.

Honor's Choir is difficult enough -- learn and memorize five pieces of advanced choral music -- but with all the activities and school work these kids face on a daily basis, they amaze me that they do as well as they do.

So now it's on to State Honor's Choir. There is a new folder filled with new music, and now TeenTuna is charged with learning and memorizing works in English, Latin, indigenous Australian and Farsi. It should be a fun Christmas vacation.

As soon as I have two spare minutes to rub together (which isn't tonight, sorry) I'll figure out how to transfer a video of a few minutes of dress rehearsal I was able to grab. Until then, though, you've got to (as the song goes) hold on!

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