Thursday, December 09, 2010

Once More, with Feeling

With the exception of one day of singing finals next week, Fall Semester 2010 wrapped up today. As always, the weeks flew by, and it's hard to believe that September was three long months ago. Students who were new to me, or new to my studio, or new to college entirely are no longer newbies. They survived a semester of my antics as a singer, a pianist, and an educator. I got to know them and they got to know me. I asked about trips home, concerts and college classes. They asked me about my family, my commute and borrowing music.

I can't even tell you that I'd like to tell you that I was a mean, no-nonsense professor that couldn't be bothered to hear about personal problems, homework excuses, or sob stories in general. In fact, I could be bothered.  And truth to tell, I really care about these kids.

Different graduating classes have different personalities and temperament.  I'm not sure what it is about this year, but this fall my studio was filled with students who were hard workers, who were overwhelmingly kind to each other, and polite to me.  Somehow this semester, everybody got off the excuse train, and they just buckled down and did their work.  It made long days fun, and I honestly and truly enjoyed each and every one of them every single week.   I cannot often say that.

Most I will see again in January, making them studio veterans.  Some may not return, but that is the nature of education and college classes.  They know they are welcome to drop by the studio anytime to say hi or sing a bit for me.  To them I can say, "we'll always have Facebook."  Like all semesters, there will be a crop of newbies as well.  Not as many as in September (thank goodness), but there are always a handful of new students ready to take the plunge.  Several have already asked about the class I'm teaching next semester and what repertoire I plan to do.  My answer has been the same (I don't know), but I do know that we'll definitely do something.  I haven't quite turned out the lights yet on Fall Semester 2010, and I truly want to savor this group of students while I can.  They have brought light and life and wonderful music to my little studio in the corner, and for that I am grateful.

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