Friday, December 17, 2010

Rat Meet Race

Today I finally sat down and made a plan. You know, a list making, list crossing-off, holiday consumer  economy-propping-up kind of plan. Now for those of you who are already finished, wrapped, bowed, tagged, ribboned, and have moved on to chestnuts and an open fire, well.... whatever. I'm not. Not even close. 

You may think I'm running very late in my annual Santapalooza, but to that I must say on the contrary...I'm actually a bit ahead of schedule.  And tonight, on the last Friday night before Christmas, I went out into the fray to do some damage on my list.

And I did.
And it wasn't painful.
And people were helpful.

So although I was tired when I was finished, humanity and I were still on pretty good terms.
Who says there are no such things as Christmas miracles?

This is how it goes:
"I need help" (bat-bat-eyelash)
 Employees smitten.

OK ---- not smitten,
But they were helpful humans
polite and friendly

My job? Make them laugh.
Too bad tonight's shopping list
contained no dongles.

After today when
Three days worth of stuff were packed
into one...Rest. Sleep.

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