Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tree for Two

With a whopping two days to spare, we just got our Christmas Tree decorated tonight.  TeenTuna had strung the lights earlier this week, so the tree wasn't entirely bare, but it was nice to finish the job before baby Jesus headed off to college.

It's tough when it's Christmas Break and there is as of yet no discernible break.  Sure, we're not dashing off for the high school at 6:45am, but I'm still working working, and TeenTuna is spending her time catching up on sleep (good), helping around the house (extra good), talking with friends (expected), going out with friends (expected, good, and necessary), practicing and doing homework (non-negotiable).  I think the Christmas shopping is done, but I won't really know until I sit down tomorrow and do last minute figuring.

I'm still waiting to be magically, wonderfully infused with the holiday spirit.  I'm not exactly bah-humbug, but the jingle-bell, angel-wings, caroling-caroling Christmas spirit hasn't hit me yet.  Tomorrow isn't the day before the day before Christmas, tomorrow is Thursday.  But I still have time to hop on the Christmas bandwagon if it and I both slow down just a bit.

I think I can
I think I can
I think I can

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