Friday, December 10, 2010

King Me!

When I was a seeker
I sought both night and day
I asked the Lord to help me
and he showed me the way....

Tonight I was a seeker.  I was seeking my Christmas Tree stand and I had no idea where I had stashed it a mere 11 months ago.  I sought high and low, over laundry piles and under spare hangers and blankets.  It occurred to me, while I was seeking, that it was no wonder the Kings weren't exactly on time to the Bethlehem Birthday Bash.  They were probably looking for the stuff they needed:  pieces of gold, a Myrrh traveling caddy, a fistful of Frankincense and a couple bags of camel chow.  Suddenly I didn't feel so bad that it took me awhile to find my well-stored stand.  I was in pretty good company.

Getting a tree, getting it inside and in the stand and watered is definitely a step in the holiday direction.  The cats are pretty happy to have something new and outsidey to sniff.  I'm happy that the tree hasn't fallen over yet, and it has a stand to stand in.  On?  Tomorrow I'll see what decorations I can find and see if we can't get this show on the road.

I bet the kings said that too.

Generally I like ethnic nativity sets,
but I don't know about this one.
The main guy looks a bit like the Frito Bandito,
and what....did he EAT THEM?

Please Please Please Please tell me
they all arrived on a Fischer-Price Bus.

Camel, I don't know who you think you're fooling.
There is a TSA agent ready to
"make your acquaintance."

Toilet paper tube nativity set.
I'm not sure if it's for when you're flushed with excitement
or for when you don't give a crap.

The expression on the woman's face is priceless.
I'm not sure what I like the best:  The jazz hands,
or the "Oh Lord, WHY ME?" body posture.
She's probably the one that told the Kings to take a left
at Albuquerque.

Well, Rubber Ducky is THE ONE.
Not sure I can explain the duck on the left that has the pox.

Nativity Set or nine-pin bowling figurines?
You make the call.

Of course, I'm concerned about the guy on the left
who looks like he's in the middle of a hold-up.

I might really love this.
Those are the grooviest kings ever.


Goobie Debi said...

Your comments are hysterical! Is that Johnny Depp in the pirate nativity? What the heck is wrapped around poor baby Jesus?

GreenTuna said...

I think Baby Jee is asleep in the spaghetti.

bozoette said...

It's too bad those pirates weren't Seder decorations. Then they could be the Pirates of Pesach. (Okay, that was a stretch.)