Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings - Several Days Late Edition

I say ... And You Think:

1.  Detective :: Mittens
2.  Bra :: Necessary Evil
3.  Prove It :: Petulant
4.  The end :: Is near
5.  Messy :: Life
6.  Immovable :: Obstinate
7.  Jingle :: Bells
8.  False :: Prophet
9.  Comprehend :: Understand
10. Scream :: Munch.  Or PeeWee Herman (REAL LOUD)

This is the edition of Unconscious Mutterings known as I'm too tired to do much else. But that's OK, because you never quite know what you're going to get around here.

1.  Behold: Detective Mittens

You're rolling around in gooey, smelly evidence!

2.  Yeah.
3.  Proof is important and necessary in the scientific and mathematical world.  But I can't imagine any scientist pulling the preschool version of "Prove It!"  That sort of prove it is short hand for "No, it's not! I don't believe you!"  Generally proof is demanded when the demander is sure it doesn't exist.
4.  All I need is a cardboard sign, a tin cup and a squeegee.
5.  It's not the most romantic notion, but it's true.
6.  Lots of things in this world are immovable.  Mountains are immovable, and I don't even begrudge them their lack of mobility.  Still, when I see immovable I think of someone or something that simply doesn't try.
7.  What else?
8.  Back to that cardboard sign again.
9.  Did anybody else ever take reading comprehension tests by not reading the boring article on tectonic plates in New Mexico, but instead taking the questions and skimming backwards through the excerpt until you found the answer?
10. I just couldn't decide.

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