Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland

24 hours later, and we're all still here.

It snowed.  We didn't die.  We did, however, get snow and lots of wind like they promised.  All the area schools have already called snow days for tomorrow, and word from the teenager is that Facebook has been exploding with praises to various deities for a day off.  I have a suspicion that many kids were postponing their homework on the hope and the prayer that school would be canceled.  Lucky for them this time it worked out in their favor.

Meanwhile, I, like many people, do not get a snow day for work.  It's either show up or burn a vacation day. Honestly, the weather isn't that horrible (she says now, six hours before alarm), so deadly snowstorm or not, my plan is to go in as usual.  But as for tonight, it's time to crawl into bed and settle in for a far-too-short winter's nap.

Heavy fir branches
thick-wrapped with new fallen snow.
postcard perfection.

The winter snow falls 
Like rhapsodic symphonies
Singing silent songs.

Warm flannel sheets made
Heavy by woolen blankets
and large, sleeping cats.

Less than two weeks left
And then George Washington starts
hawking mattresses.

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