Thursday, January 29, 2004


It's back to the routine. School. Teaching. All the usual. The drive north was blissfully non-eventful and I gave thanks to every snow plow who was involved in clearing the way. Poor TinyTuna is back at school facing standardized testing for the next week and a half, or so.

I'm waiting on my next student, who (obviously) is not here yet. I'm still struggling on Beelzebub's iMac, which is always annoying. Today's fun included playing "find the Internet browser". Explorer seems to be gone, but I found something called Safari that said something about Google which I figured was good enough for me. Why is it I cannot find anything I need to find on a Mac?

Read Highway Girl's Blog (sorry can't link. Beelzebub and all. Click on the link to the right) about flashbulb memories. A "where were you / what were you doing when..." kind of proposal. The whole thought has definately lit a spark in the recesses of my memory, but it will have to wait until later when I have a bit of time.

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