Wednesday, January 21, 2004

As my head swims through a combination Sudafed / Extra Strength Tylenol fog, I offer you these random thoughts on a cold, weather advisory, Alberta clipper's a-coming again (ooo, scared!) Wednesday morning.

Banner Ads
I have a banner ad for a Simon Cowell Bobblehead. That was fast. Why don't I get this kind of banner ad service when I talk about Evil Ducks? Evil ducks. Evil ducks. Evil ducks

Terrorism Safety
Thank God for the Internet. I mean, if I didn't have somebody out there alternately scaring the Bejeebus out of me, and then holding my hand and explaining exactly how I should live my life as I normally would, I would be a quivering mass of EVIL DUCK pâté. I offer this morning an outstanding terrorism safety instructional website, as graciously passed along to me by PBSTuna. I have to admit this was stomping the floor, tears rolling down my face funny, and it almost makes up for the Monday's Pachelbel "it's not my fault" Canon faux-pas. You see, our local PBS radio station has this unnatural affinity for Pachelbel's Canon and they feel compelled to share that love once every 24 hours. Not your fault? Uh huh. I believe you. Except not. I do, however, accept the offerings of Internet humor.

Candidate Roulette
Little Brother Tuna passed along this quiz that matches your personal and political views with those of the 2004 presidential campaign. I wasn't at all surprised to see the Shrub and the Oil Baron hugging the bottom of the pack, but can I tell you my horror at seeing Al Sharpton come in second? President of the United States? I think not. Guest host on Saturday Night Live? I'd vote for that.
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