Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Poor Mike Rowe. Not only is he from Canada, but he thought he would be able to .com his little company without anybody noticing. You can read about it on CNN or Google, but I'm on Beelzebub's iMac right now, and it won't let me copy, paste or link. Anyway, our hero decided to name his little computer venture after himself. A wise choice, I think. Unfortunately, he added the word "soft" at the end of his name, and somehow the site MikeRoweSoft.com has made somebody upset. Who could that be?


Nope. Just the supreme ruler of the electronic world. Nice try Mike, but you should know that if you are a computer geekhead, you will be assimilated into the collective. Billy-Borg Gates says "resistance is futile."

Actually, Bill and friends offered Mr. Rowe some money for his troubles. A whopping ten dollars. In Canadian, that's like $5.50. I'm surprised they didn't pay him in Happy Meal vouchers. Mike thought the largest computer software corporation in the history of ever could do better than that. Me too.

So way to go, Mike! And for once I can say, Way to go, Canada!

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