Sunday, January 11, 2004


Being a library-type person, research is the name of the game. Thousands of students pour into the library to find the answers to those greater truths that will enrich them and enlighten their lives. Not to mention appease their professors and earn them a good grade.

I ran across a website which addresses one of the great social controversies: Pop or Soda? As a mitten resident, my kin and I pledge our allegiance to the "pop". However, as a frequent visitor to Maryland, Virginia and other Southern and Eastern seaboard states, once I cross the Mason-Dixon line I must hide my Canadian change (disdainfully called THAT kind of money) and make the mental shift to "soda". Seriously. If I went to West Virginia, ordered a pop, and then tried to pay for it with a Canadian quarter, my banner ads would be for the Gooberville Prison and Rock Quarry.

The website breaks down the results from state to state, and also lists the answers people gave if they chose the "other" category. Although the most popular “other” answer is “soda-pop”, I think my favorite was Alabama, where they call it drank, as in “Hey, I’m thirsty. Gimme a drank!”

If you want to participate in this groundbreaking research, I encourage you to do so. I must warn you, however, that a conclusion to this Hatfield-McCoy dialectical debate has already been reached and published at the end of the webpage: People who say “Pop” are much, much cooler.

I’ll drank to that.

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