Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Day After

It brings the complete package: The turd AND the bread
AND the lettuce AND the olive. Whereas Giant douche is ...
well ... just a giant douche.

"You Sir, are a turd sandwich."


I learned that I better get used to having to pick between
a douche and a turd sandwich, because that's usually the
choice I'll have.

Let's get out the vote!
Let's make our voices heard!
We've been given the right to choose
between a douche and a turd!
It's Democracy in action!
Put your freedom to the test!
A big fat turd or a stupid douche,
which do you like best?

It seems America is leaning towards the Turd Sandwich.
Canada, can I come sleep over at your house for awhile?


TVJ said...

At least the douche would have left us feeling clean and refreshed.

Kat said...

Can I come too? I'll bring my own sleeping bag.

Anonymous said...

GT, you and all the Tunas are welcome at my house in beautiful Vancouver, BC. We have two universities (plus the one in Victoria), good schools, clean streets, little crime and the most incredible scenery ever. I'll meet you at the border with my station wagon. Yours in mourning, Travestine

Anonymous said...

Green Tuna For President 2008!