Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Four Little Words

The following are a list of words you would most likely never hear me say in a sentence, unless I was describing somebody else, like, say, BSTuna, for example.

1. Cute

2. Brown

3. Shoes

4. Socks

1. I never use the word cute. Unless it is in reference to a baby animal.

Or a baby baby.

2. I do not wear dirt colors. Ever.

3. Shoes are of the devil, and I only wear them because it's cold outside, and society dictates that I do so.

4. Ditto. Socks' only redeeming quality is that they are hidden by pants.

So when I tell you that today I am wearing CUTE BROWN SHOES and SOCKS THAT TOTALLY, UTTERLY and REDUNDANTLY MATCH BOTH EACH OTHER AS WELL AS MY PANTS you should be quite astounded. Because I am. And it's true. And I'll most likely never say that sentence about myself again. Ever.

The holy shoes of cuteness. But mine are brown, not hot pink.


Gary said...

You must be buying the wrong socks if you don't like them!

These are the only kind I buy now... www.smartwool.com

TV Junkie said...

Yesterday, I wore an army green skirt with a brown shirt and brown boots. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought "when the hell did I start dressing like Mother Earth?". Today I have redeemed myself with black pants, lavender mock turtle neck and a black open shirt. I feel much better.

mensch71 said...

Huzzah! Movin' on up from Walmart shoes to Payless shoes. In snappy styles and colors. Seriously, I thought you were a different person when you were describing the "buckley thing". Post links so I can assess (and make sure that I haven't already purchased).

TV Junkie said...

*shoe envy*

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

[falls off chair]