Monday, April 23, 2007

Kibbles and Bits

My panicky friends at EMERGENCYEMAIL.ORG have been so worried about me they've mailed me twice. What was the cause of their concern?
Email the first: It's windy.
Email the second: Never mind.
Keep in mind we're not talking tornadoes or hurricanes or anything I might consider real weather. Just, you know...windy.

...And Bits
Sent to me by a colleague who is currently working in some faraway state that starts with "I". I'd like to think this was all parody, but as this is the last week of class here at TunaU, it hits closer to home than one might imagine.

...And Bits
For a long time my Spam subject lines had taken on a wacky biblical flavor that I thought were pretty hysterical. Sadly, they hast perished like unto the dust, and now I am getting spam messages from ... ME. Evidently I am now spamming myself to buy products to enhance body parts I don't have. I know there are days when I'm tired and kind of out of it, but, puhleeze.

...And Bits
Indexed is one of my new favorite online comic blog-type-things.
Check it out!


amy said...

Good post..Snap Crackle and Post made me smile. Have a great weekend

amy said...

thanks for signing up for the scavenger hunt...we are having a blast

Sarah said...

Hi, I'm just visting as part of the scavenger hunt. Like the rice crispy cartoon!