Sunday, April 01, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think:

1. Trembling :: Afraid

2. Shut up :: And Sing

3. Heights :: Don't really like them.

4. Monica :: I'm thinking the same person EVERYBODY thinks, and honestly, what I really think is that this woman doesn't need ANY more publicity. Ever.

5. Delicious :: Yummy

6. Joint :: The scariest ones are the yummiest.

7. Ferry :: Off to Ocracoke

8. Bliss :: Standing at the front of the ferry riding to Ocracoke, hoping to see frolicking dolphins and avoid pooping seagulls.

9. Rejection :: No more room on the ferry. Hurry up and wait.

10. Satisfying :: "No more room on the ferry for you, Mr. Big Fat Obnoxious Hummer at the front of the line, but there IS room enough for you, Oh Cute, Adorable Compact Car. Please pass all other vehicles and come on board!"

This list is brought to you by things I have to do (1-3) vs. things I'd like to do (5-10). The very good news (if one must think optimistically) is that I don't have to do number 4.

~~ That's what HE said ~~



christine said...

Good Morning: Strange, I didn't go to the person that most people think of but don't want too - I thought of a place - maybe it's because I'm Canadian?

Mine are up too:

amy said...

I am a new fan of your blog..its wonderful.. The one thing I thought was odd was

Monica...I thought of Chandler