Monday, November 05, 2007

45 x 365 #5: Monique

As a noun, you're anything but a typical looking minister, but as a verb, you're a shining example. Warm, loving, funny and kind, knowing you made me realize that holy, caring people are just plain folk too. And honestly, that never occurred to me before.


BeccaGirl said...


I got to your blog from the Friday's Feast last week and I see that you enjoy memes (me too!) I am visiting more and more from the list to invite them to come see a meme I just started. It's called 'Give Me Five' Monday meme and it's fun and easy to participate in.
I'd love for you to come read about it and possibly participate! Thanks so much, BeccA!

annie said...

What a lovely tribute. Your Monique sounds a little like our Penny.

Antoinette said...

Ah! Bless all the Moniques in the world - life wouldn't be the same without them.

Anonymous said...

The Boy