Sunday, December 30, 2007

Laughing All the WayHEY!

There's something wonderfully refreshing about spending time with little littles. Today we hung out with NephewsanTuna and his family. Littlest Tuna, being all of two, is of the absolutely hysterical age I love. He is of the age where -- as long as he's not your kid -- you try to get him to do anything you can that will amuse you. Littlest Tuna and I had a piratey kind of afternoon, where everytime he looked at me we'd both go a-squintin' and a-rrrrrrrghin' until we started laughing. I got him to say "Shiver me timbers" and "Ahoy Matey" but sadly, when I tried to get him to sing "O First Matey" (the pirate version of "O Christmas Tree") he looked at me and said, "no" and started singing O Christmas Tree that much louder because obviously I don't know what I'm talking about.

Little Littles are great because they are often very agreeable. Over and over we'd ask Littlest Tuna a question, and no matter what the question was, the answer was a highly agreeable "Uh huh!" Would you like to open presents? "Uh Huh!" Would you like to sit over here? "Uh Huh!" Would you like to tap dance with a hippo? "Uh Huh!" I said he had mastered the agreeable "Uh Huh" skill early in life, as that was generally used by bored adults every 180 seconds when trapped in a deadly conversation.

But I know he's paying attention (mostly) to what is being asked, because there were hysterical moments when you'd ask him a question fully expecting the highly agreeable "Uh Huh!" and instead you'd get the equally highly agreeable, "Why, No!" May I sit by you? "Why, No!" Would you like to come over here and take a picture? "Why, No!" And it's so darn polite, you can't get upset about it. It's a skill I'd like to cultivate.

At one point, as the various adults were debating the merits and the importance of the Patriots-Giants game last night and whether or not it was THE GAME of great historical importance, Littlest Tuna sat playing with his trucks ignoring everybody while simultaneously giving his non-stop opinion as he sing-songed over and over "THE game! THE game! THE game! THE game!"

But really, he was one amazingly behaved little goober. There were no meltdowns, and he was stellar (in a very piratey way (guilty!!)) at dinner. He said what he meant, and he meant what he said, and he sang a mean chorus of "Jingle Bells" just about any time he was asked.

Is that about as good as it gets?
"Uh Huh!"


bozoette said...

I love that age as well, ESPECIALLY when you can give them back! And Patriots-Giants? Please. Redskins-Cowboys, always a game of great historical significance! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Was away through most of holidailies, and it took all my concentration to manage to post, but this made me smile, in spite of having a very sick little dog.

Happy New Year, may the Tunas prosper.