Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Super Duper Secret Santa

I'm going to do my best to explain this.

So at work -- my newish half time cubicle work -- my unit engaged in a sort of "Secret Santa" activity. I say "sort of" because it really wasn't a traditional Secret Santa at all. It wasn't one of those draw a name and leave little gifts anonymously until the end when all the Santas are revealed and everyone stands in a circle singing "Wahoo-Doray" and eats Roast Beast. I'm calling it a "Secret Santa" because it's December (hence, the Santa) and because it was a secret. To somebody.

I walked in this morning and the party table (yes, there is a party table) had a tablecloth on it, and candles and a holiday centerpiece, and at 8am, was already loaded with food. And I looked at this table and thought to myself, "Self? I think our unit is having a party."

And funny thing. I knew nothing about it.

That was the secret part.

But sadly it wasn't a secret like "Surprise and welcome to the section" secret. It was a secret like "We're having a party and nobody remembered to tell you" secret.

To make matters even more incomprehensible, later that morning my boss came into my cube and told me she had heard that the party coordinator had neglected to include me on the planning emails. And then...AND THEN she said, "but I told her it was OK because you probably had real work to do today anyway." And she smiled and left.

What on earth do you say to that? I was so dumbfounded, I was ... dumbfounded. I couldn't decide if they were the most insensitive people on the entire planet, or just utterly clueless. I really couldn't choose, so I shook my head, cranked my iPod and waited for a speedy end to my shift.

I'm almost afraid to see what happens on Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...

what rat bastards! both clueless and insensitive.

Anonymous said...

It could be worse--my sorority forgot to invite me to the bridal shower they threw for me. And they wondered why I didn't show....

lifeonhold said...


The comment from your boss made it sound like you were STILL not invited. I certainly hope that wasn't the case and just the way I read it.

I get the feeling your cube life has been like returning to the Dark Ages from your home in the Enlightenment.