Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekend Update

Yes tonight here in Michigan the warnings are for snow, snow, snow, more snow, snow mixed with snow and DESPAIR (with a 95% chance of snow). Granted we've had these weather warnings on a near weekly basis for the past several weeks, and each time we've gotten nothing, nothing, nothing, more nothing, nothing mixed with night and ENNUI (with a 95% chance of nothing). At the moment it really is snowing, which only proves the whole broken clock being right twice a day adage. I'd be more worried, scared and upset about snow if first of all, I didn't live in a state where Canada is truly our neighbor to the SOUTH, and secondly, if it wasn't December, which, believe it or not, is the traditional month for snow (with a 95% chance of presents). So yeah. Whatever. It's snowing. Have a parade.

Concert number I've lost count is in the completed column. All went well, although as we were reminded that many of our pieces were about Mary (Mama G) and we all had some Mary inside of us, I turned to my friend and asked, "So how's that virginity thing going for you?" Since we both have teen-aged children, we agreed it had been awhile, and probably we'd need more makeup to be convincing. Personally, I'm not sure there is enough concealer in the world...

Tomorrow TeenTuna is up again with another symphony concert. This one will be televised on and around Christmas Day. GramTuna and I will be up in the cheap seats, hoping they sing fast and that the cameras do NOT focus on us during the sing along portion of the concert because we are not those people who smile and clap joyously (in some entirely unrelated tempo) to the music. No, I can confidently say we would never be hired for Up With People. Up Yours, People, maybe.

So that's our current life in a nutshell. Snow, Singing, Virgins, and Up Yours, People.
It must be the holiday season once again.

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bozoette said...

Up yours, people! Excellent!